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Sultanahmet is a rare and special place that is the oldest buildings I have seen. After Istanbul to go to Edirne city
We made the necessary preparations. We were in the city of Edirne with a Private Mercedes Daily Turkey tours Vito car. Way to the fairly nice highway way. The reason why we come here after Istanbul is a city that is as careful as Istanbul. Edirne city is briefly dominated by Green forested and cultural city. Before entering Edirne city center, there was Meric river. Meriç river flows from Bulgaria and passes through Edirne to the Aegean Sea. On the Meriç river, there is a stone bridge which was built during the Ottoman period. Where Edirne is the old city of the city beware, here are the cobblestone streets. Very beautiful city with Edirne caravanserai. If you see a caravanserai, think of it as a commercial center. In the summer it is absolutely sold organic ice cream made from Almond which is very delicious here. There are also very special dessert delights made in BAden, chocolate shops, candies and ice cream shops.
Edirne was the capital city of Edirne before the capital city. It was founded as an Ottoman Principal in the city of Bursa. At the time of Sultan Murad II, Edirne became Ottoman Empire. It is now a state spread over the territory of Anatolia. Taki Sultan mehmet Turkey tours made all preparations and conquest programs about istanbul conquest. With an army of about 30,000 people conquered istanbul. The most effective weapons in the conquest of istanbul were also produced in the city of Edirne. Perhaps because of this Selimiye mosque was made to the city of Edirne as a hedi-ye after many years. Architect Sinan Selimiye is my masterpiece for the Mosque. It is thought to have been built by Architect Sinan between 8-9 years. The Magnificent Sultan was built by his son Sultan Selim. Selimiye Mosque is under protection as a protected area. In this mosque, which has 4 extremely long minarets, it is adorned with very special handwritten calligraphy and iznik ceramics.

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Cappadocia is a holiday resort with incredible beauty and is known as a non-sea cultural tour. Destinations
As we were here in Central Anatolia, I first felt that many balloons were flying in the sky, which affected us Immensely. And these flying balloons were so colorful that they literally pitched in the sky. In the ground there was a cappadocia open air museum where the peribacas were located. CAPPADOCIA formation occurs after the evaporation and evaporation of lava from Hasan Mountain. It is protected by a protected area. We went to the cave hotel in the Urgup region, it was very specially designed and had a large room. There was a wonderful Devrent Valley in the room. There are a lot of photographs about cappadocia . Beside this, we have a private car with open air museum in the presence of CAPPADOCIA private tours Ender Brain. Here Too
There are a number of fairy chimneys. These are the caves that people use as their living space. In the kitchen there were banyou and toilets .

The most impressive event on our trip to Cappadocia is the hidden cave churches, which are very special here. Inside the cave are the prophets of Jesus and mary, as well as religious motifs and crosses, which are very influential. I think people have shown tremendous effort and courage to spread Christianity. The best example of this is the cave churches of CAPPADOCIA. Christianity istanbul tours was regarded as the Forbidden Religion in the early years of the Ancient Yvan and the Roman Empire. Roman Empire They did not want Christianity to spread Their religion. But then the Roman emperor became the greatest advocate of Christianity. Because people were hiding from Daily istanbul tours the soldiers of the Roman empire, they continued their life with only bread, water and wine in the underground cities. It is estimated that around 5,000 people live here. We had private car with Ihlara VAlley, the first thing that we came up with was going down 200 stairs to get here. Here the river flows from the center of VAley and there are wooden bridges on the top.

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Then we went to Izmir Kusadasi from Bursa city. In Izmir we went to the hotel which is located by the sea. The hotel had a very large pool which belonged to it. The hotel is 5 star. There was a blue flag beach and a very nice sea. During the day both the pool and the sea enjoyed very much the other day. The unlimited breakfast buffet and the evening meals were incredibly beautiful. The hotel had a wonderful view of our room, with pine trees at the back and a sea view at the front. During the day we went on a private yacht trip. Here we attended a yacht tour covering the Greek islands. At the end of this, we had nice turkish coffee in the sand by the poolside. We were early in the morning and found our cappadocia tours tour guide at the hotel. Enderbiz is extremely professional and experienced. We went to the Ephesus open air museum with the private Mercedes vito vehicle. Ephesus was made during the ancient Greek era. Here it is preserved as a museum. Ephesus is on the world heritage list by Unesco. Ephesus is within the boundaries of Aydın province.

We were ready for the 2nd day after a nice day. We followed our guide Ender Bey to attend Private Ephesus tours. Private
By car we were in the open air museum of Ephesus. Ephesus is the King’s Way, which is our first attention. King’s Way is the beach The
And here was Libray Celcus Ephesus. On the way to the king there are celebrations and entertainments that the people have joined. There are sculptures made of marble from the ancient Greek period on the King’s Way, a marble column and a Trojan fountain belonging to the King on both sides. Opposite the open air toilet, this was very attractive because of the Roman empire during the Daily cappadocia tours wastewater sewers are. There was an open-air theater, where 50,000 people were thought to be captain. At the same moment, there is a wonderful sound and light system. I think together we came to Celcus Libray which is the most beautiful structure of Ephesus. We took great pictures in front of Ephesus Celcus Libray. There are 4 standing marble columns on the front of this building which is bigger and older. Moreover, Ephesus is the only structure of the ancient city with two floors.

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